Top Tips When Hiring A Housekeeper

Entrusting your home to a stranger is not an easy decision. Yet, a housekeeper plays a significant role in maintaining a clean house. The following consideration factors can ease your decision-making process when selecting a housekeeper.

Independent vs. Company Housekeeper 

You can get housekeeping services from a company or an individual. Typically, the two options may not affect the quality of services but will impact the engagement process. Ideally, housekeeping companies employ a team of people. Thus, if you require the services of more than one housekeeper, it is better to engage a company. More so, dealing with company staff is easy since they are under the supervision of their employer. In comparison, hiring an independent housekeeper involves less paperwork. In addition, it is easy to develop a personal working relationship with the housekeeper. 

Consider the Employment Laws

Some laws and regulations govern employment relationships. Thus, you should be aware and compliant with such laws to avoid penalties. Start by establishing your level of responsibility for any legal paperwork needed to hire a housekeeper. If you engage housekeepers through an agency, the company pays for their taxes and insurance. Nevertheless, request for proof from the company, especially worker's comp insurance, and general liability. This way, you protect yourself from liability lawsuits in case of injuries and accidents. Should you decide to hire an independent housekeeper, you may have to pay part of the social security tax and insurance. 

Have Clarity on the Services Required 

Housekeepers provide various services. Thus, be clear on the services you need and provide specific instructions. This way, you can use the list of services to pre-qualify the housekeeper. More so, having written instructions reduces conflicts resulting from divergent expectations.

The following are typical housekeeping services:

  • Washing floors and dusting walls 
  • Vacuuming 
  • Cleaning and polishing toilets, windows, and bathtubs 
  • Laundry, ironing, and steaming
  • Clean-ups for kids and pets

In addition, have clarity on how often you require housekeeping services. Do you need a live-in housekeeper or a live-out housekeeper? Ensure that you engage a housekeeper who is available and flexible with your schedule. 

Analyze Capacity and Experience

Selecting a capable and experienced housekeeper is easier said than done. Start by getting recommendations from friends and family for satisfactory housekeeping services. Also, you can check online for housekeeping service providers. Then shortlists several housekeepers with positive reviews and requests for references. Importantly, find out the cleaning products and equipment they use. Notably, you can request the service provider to use specific products such as non-toxic cleaning agents. 

Housekeeping should make your life easier. Thus, select a housekeeper who can perform cleaning tasks effectively and efficiently.