Why "I Spy" Is A Good Game For Preschoolers

When your child begins to attend preschool, it's not a time for you to kick back and accept that a formal educator is taking care of teaching your child. Even though your child is getting a good education Monday through Friday, it's ideal if you can continue to look for ways to help your child learn. A child who learns both at preschool and at home will thrive in the educational environment. One way to teach your child at home is to look for games that have educational value. The age-old game of "I Spy" is one such game for the following reasons.

It Encourages Description

A big reason that "I Spy" is a good choice for your child is that it encourages him or her to describe things within the immediate environment. When children are young, they can often struggle to describe different objects, and this can become a source of frustration. Regular games of "I Spy" can help your child build this skill. For example, when the child sees a fire hydrant, he or she might describe it was "something that is red," "something that is metal," or something else — all valuable skills to build when learning how to describe objects. A child who has a knack for describing things can definitely excel in school.

It Helps With Awareness

You want your child to develop a strong awareness of his or her surroundings at all times, and regular games of "I Spy" can help in this regard. In order to choose something to describe, the child needs to look around and identify a suitable object. As you play the game repeatedly, you may notice that your child becomes more aware of what is around him or her — perhaps commenting on sights that you pass while traveling in the car, or pointing out different things when you're shopping.

It Builds Imagination

Some parents bristle at video games and other electronic activities because they might not build a child's imagination as well as other pastimes. When you play "I Spy" with your son or daughter, you can expect that this game will help him or her use their imagination. For example, if you play the game in the same environment over and over, your child will need to use his or her imaginative skills to pick new objects, rather than rely on the same objects. Imagination is another skill that can help your child in the preschool environment.