Need Infant Care? What To Look For In A Daycare Center

Getting care for your newborn or infant child is much different than finding childcare for an older kid. Your baby needs constant supervision, a special diet, and utmost care, something you don't entrust to just anyone.

You want to find a facility that will care for your infant in the best of ways. Whether you need care while you are at work full or part time or just so you can have a break or tend to the needs of your older children, here are things to look for in an infant care center for your very young child.


Seek a daycare facility that has certification not just in traditional CPR, but infant CPR as well. You also want to make sure the facility has staff members that are experienced and trained in first aid and other medical skills. Your baby will likely not have any medical emergency while in the care of others, but choosing a caregiver that goes this extra mile in medical knowledge shows that you are choosing child experts who care.

Caregiver ratio

When your newborn or infant is away from you, make sure they are given constant one-on-one care by choosing a caregiver that has a low child-to-adult ratio. The more adults there are on-hand to care for the charges they have and the less children admitted into the facility, the more attention your baby will receive.

Some facilities will only take on a certain number of infants for the sole purpose of not being stretched too thin. Stick with an infant care center that keeps their acceptance of babies low so you know your little one is getting the attention they deserve.


Choose a daycare that has interaction play areas for both infants and younger children. Your infant is learning new things every day and should be exposed to music, shapes, sounds, textures, and other exciting, brain-stimulating things. You want to choose a facility that engages in infant play and exercise under the supervision of a trained professional. As your baby gets older, they can learn to partake in even more activities available at the facility you choose.

A child care center that accepts infants should be clean and updated with all codes and state requirements. Feel free to take a tour of a facility you are thinking about so you are comfortable leaving your young one in the care of others. When the times comes to leave your little one at a child care center, you'll know you've made the right choice.