5 Simple Morning Questions To Improve Your Child's Self-Esteem

Parents often create several daily rituals to share with their kids each morning. They may always have breakfast together or simply walk outside for a bit. Creating special moments for your child in the morning is a way to help them feel your love and support all throughout their day at school or a child day care center. While preparing your child for day care in the morning, you may choose to ask them questions that can help encourage free thought, and they may also help improve your child's self-esteem.

Ask: How can you work on being well behaved today?

Posing this question to your child helps them feel in charge of their actions. It gives them the responsibility for choosing how to behave and helps them think about what is within their power. In addition to helping them take charge and improve their behavior, this can help boost their self-esteem.

Ask: What is something you can you do to make a friend's day happier?

Everybody gains a certain lift from how other people respond to them, and asking this question can help your child discover ways that they can positively affect their own friendships. This question can help kids feel better about themselves because they can more easily see positive things they can do.

Ask: What are you most looking forward to today?

Anticipation is something that can brighten up anyone's day. Looking forward to going to recess, seeing a beloved friend, or accomplishing a task are all worth celebrating. When you ask your child to evaluate what they are most excited about in their day, you can help them feel more confident about their likes and dislikes.

Ask: What do you wish everyone at day care knew about you?

This question allows your child the chance to voice things that they want to express, yet they may not have a direct outlet to do so. For example, if the child is shy, the answer may be that your child wishes that people knew all the things they had to say. Working through the answer with follow-up questions can help your child take actions and improve their self-esteem.

Ask: What do you think we should do this weekend?

Letting your child be in charge of some of the plans you make can give them a sense of power and even a greater sense of self-esteem. Although you won't be able to accommodate all of your child's requests for weekend activities, asking this question can start a discussion that the child has input in, and that can help them see that their words and thoughts are valuable.

Finally, keep in mind that the answers that children give to these questions are not nearly as important as asking them. Simply inspiring kids to consider the ideas behind the questions and being more observant about the world can help them excel in day care and school. It's a way to help empower kids to be more independent thinkers and more self-aware. That can ultimately help them fit in with others in day care and be a leader among their peers. For more advice, contact a child care center like Carousel Of Learning Pre-School & Nursery.